MSN Hotmail UK – The Best Among Email Service Provider

Msn UK or popularly known as Msn Hotmail UK, originally was a collection of Microsoft’s Internet sites and Microsoft’s other home products. But now MSN and MSN UK is better known as a web portal website and is really popular among Hotmail email account holders. Why? Well, MSN itself is the pioneer for building up a immense future and creator for web-mail or internet mail service provider.

Hotmail, Outlook or MSN Hotmail. Call it anything you want it doesn’t really matter. I bet people from the 90′s have tried it at least once. If, you’ve tried it before you might all know what MSN Hotmail UK is? MSN UK basically is a portal website, a hub for the best fresh content in news, music, videos, UK sports, entertainment and many more. Although, registration for using MSN UK is not a compulsion, signing up for Hotmail would give you a better access to Microsoft’s products and moreover keeps you better updated.

Now, if you’re a new generation of internet user than you would probably ask a few questions before you create a MSN or Microsoft Hotmail account. That’s inevitable too. Since, there are a lot of web mail and search engines websites that you can find. Choosing one can be hard for a person who has English as his/her native language. As, they say “Old is Gold”. I’ve always preferred Hotmail, no matter how many web mail service provider there is, Microsoft has always been a power house regarding this subject matter. Don’t trust me? Well, see it for yourself. I’ve listed below a few critical points that shows you why you should choose MSN Hotmail UK.

According to, itself has a global ranking of 32. Whereas, it’s biggest competition today, Gmail ranks 9,582 globally. Well, if you think comparing a web portal website with only a simple email site is not fair than here you go. If you even compare today with Gmail than you can find a gaping hole between their rankings by thousands. today ranks 8,860 globally. Now talking more about why you should use UK MSN Hotmail. Here are a few reasons why-

  • is a multi-functioning website.
  • Along with your connections to email via Hotmail you can access the MSN networks.
  • Here, you can keep in update with all the latest news.
  • News in categories such as- British sports, Lifestyle, Weather, Entertainment, Technology, UK news headlines and many more.
  • Along with all the updates and news on the homepage. You will also find a Bing web search bar.
  • This allows you directly search for anything, anytime.
  • Moreover, if you sign in to
  • You can access other Microsoft products such as Xbox store, Microsoft, Skype, Skydrive and many more.