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Hotmail App has now become one of the most used applications by mobile users today. Hotmail OR can be found in over 15 million mobile phones. With mobile web browsing experience growing daily, the number of hotmail mobile login users have been growing on daily basis as well. It is easier to set up Hotmail on your smartphones than ever before.

The official Microsoft mobile app for Hotmail which gives you easy and direct access to Hotmail can now be found in almost all smartphones from Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and now most recently on Kindle Fire as-well.

Hotmail on iPhones (iOS)

Hotmail app iPhones or any other Apple devices needs iOS 5 or above. According to different sources Hotmail sign in users have been growing by 100k per day and that’s quite a staggering number. Want to know why? Hotmail functionality on Apple devices is really impressive and feels like a default app within your iPhone and iPads. For instance, a notifier all send notifications and lets you know when you have new emails and messages so you could keep track of your mails in an instant. All your Hotmail folders, Calendar and contacts are synced into your phone. So, what this does is, it makes really easy for you to send photos, files or folders that are within your phones via email.

Hotmail on Windows Phone

Well Hotmail on Windows Phone is not exactly a different app. It is actually a in-built default application within your Windows Phone. Well, if you happen to own a Windows Phone you should have noticed that you were forced to enter your Windows Live ID and password when you first set-up your phone. What this basically means is that you are now already signed into your Hotmail inbox. You can now start sending and receiving Hotmail mails in your Windows Phone.

Hotmail on BlackBerry

The Blackberry Hotmail App is somewhat different to all the e-mail apps when comparing to other mobile platforms. It includes real-time sync and full HTML support for rendering of HTML based emails and files. However, Hotmail setup procedure is a bit tricky when it comes to talking about BlackBerry. To configure your email accounts directly within your BlackBerry smartphone follow these steps-

  • Go to, “Email settings” within your smartphone’s home screen.
  • Then go to Setup wizard which will now allow you to add a new email account.
  • Now, you will either be asked to ‘Create‘ or ‘Add an email address’
  • On the Email setup screen go with “Outlook”. Enter your email address and password to login.

Hotmail on Kindle Fire

The Hotmail Kindle App immediately has an upper hand over the default Kindle Fire mail application. This allows you to sync all your mail, folders, sub-folders and contacts within one email address. But, unfortunately Kindle Fire is only available in the US.

Hotmail on Android

Hotmail Android App is undoubtedly one of the best mobile experience for account. This mobile app allows you to sync Calendar and Contacts with your device and users can get emails right away with a simple push notifications. Moreover, allows you to choose 8 different color themes to make the experience more personal.

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